My Weekly Word entitled: "Vince the face McMahon"

As a lot of you know Vinnie Mack is a face now. It used to be when you seen Vince you know you have to chant those words A**Hole. But now things are starting to change. Vince is coming out with a crowd of cheers. He now get almost the biggest reaction from the crowd. What is making him a face?

Could it be the new group called Union of People you otta respect. Which says Up Yors. If you asked anybody who do you really love to love in the WWF it would be Mankind or atleast Mick Foley. Because all he has done. I think that he is the most accomplished wrestler ever. And when you have anyone be in kahoots with him you know you better like him.

The big show Paul Wight is big with the with the fans because of his recent joining with Stone Cold Steve Austin. And you also know the reason they were joining is because of Vince. Is that the same with Vince. Is he becoming a face because of Stone Cold. Everyone knows that Vince and Stone Cold hate eachother and always will. I would hate Vince McMahon too if he screwed me all the times he did to Steve Austin.

Or is it a simpler reason. Is it because of his son Shane becoming the higher McMahon. Vince bought the company from his dad. But is it Shane's plan to take the company away by becoming with the Dark Side. If you remember Undertaker is trying to take the company from Vince or is he giving the company to Shane. You never know.

Vince becoming a face I think is good. He deserves to get some respect from the crowd. He is the reason wrestling is what it is today. WCW is trying to steal Attitude but, it cant happen. Now Vince is able to become the fan favorite and respect.

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