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The Only Thing I hate About Vince McMahon

It's ten o clock. I am watching the Bret Hart documentary for the first time. It was a pretty good show actually. I thought is was going to suck but it was all out a great show. I thought that Bret wanted out of his contract but Vince was the one that asked him to get out. Vince McMahon and Bret were real close and I didn't think he should of done what he did.

Bret Hart respected Vince. The first time he was asked to go to WCW he turned it down because Vince and the WWF were so close to his family. Bret was a true WWFer. Not like these little bitches Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. I dont even want these two in the WWF. What can they do.

When Vince had that interview he said, "Bret screwed Bret". How did he screw himself when Mr. McMahon was the one who took him out of his contract. He also said that it was up to him what he should do. What would of Bret done. He had nothing. If Vince really cared for Bret he would of got a bunch of little wrestlers that were getting payed as much as 40,000 dollars a year(not correct)and he would of gave that money to Bret to stay.

If Vince was smart he should tell Bret that he was sorry even if he didn't mean it. Tell him come back to the WWF and say he would guarentee Bret to be a Champ. Have Bret come back to the WWF has a Vince loather and join Stone Cold. Have Bret become a face and finally on Wrestlemania 16 have a Stone Cold vs Bret Hart where Bret Hart wins as we see at the end they both shaking hands. That what should be happening. If I'm correct Bret is not happy in WCW and he would be a perfect force to stop Vince McMahon.

As you know I am always a Vince McMahon fan and I like Vince in every other aspect. If Vince is really smart this is what he would do.

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