Tonys Weekly Word

This is my 1st ever weekly word so i am going to leave this one up 4 a long time. Now my topic this week is the Match between Andy and Old Champ ALbert.Now the odds were stacked on ANdy.There was the wolfpac.That had mostly everybody in our federation exept me and Andy of course this is back when I was owner so I refereed all the matches.I was mad because this wrestling federation was boring.Everybody is in the Wolfpac.So I had alot of tension with the Wolfpac.they messed with me but I didnt care.The odds were stacked on Andy so I had to make it fai.I made it if the Wolfpac iterfeers with the match and is the champ lay a fuckin finger on me Andy is the champ so Fuck the wolfpac they were not goin to do SHIT.If they were smart. The match is about to start there was a big crowd on attendance.(about 12 people that was alot for us since we are not popular?.The Wolfpac had something up there sleeve.i didnt know I had no idea.The match was in a seperate room where the clock was.I put it on for 30 minutes that is along time because are matches are like amauter wrestling but with Submission and 3 counts.The Match is about to start.Ready Fight it starts.This has to be one of the funniest matches since both of the fighters are about 5 foot 220 pounds.5 minutes into the match ALbert gets up and starts crying pussy pussy pussy.I check the time it says 25 more min. ALbert stops crying and match gos into the room with the clock 2 minutes has passed I look at the clock its says 6 minutes left in the match no no no no I get up to fix the clock I turn around and they are stomping on Andy that is it I say and the champ is Andy. That is what the wolfpac get for being dumb sons of bitches.I was not for anyones side on that match I just wanted to see a good fight.

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