Super Heavy Weight Belt

1)Geech Vasquez
2)Raymond Vasquez
4)Tony Costa
11)Tony Costa.
                   History in Words

AN unkonwn time the belt was made.Geech and Mike fought in match where Geech one.Raymond Challenged his Brother to a fight where Ray one.Geech then one it back.Then there was a royal rumble to see who was the next champ Tony Costa won.Geech then won it back. Ray one it again.Albert won it from ray.Then it switched back n forth where everyone thought it was fixed.Albert was the champ.Then we seen Andy Join who was Alberts Brother.They Fought.I was the referee and I made the rules.see in that time there was the wolfpac so I made it fair if the WOlfpac interfeers ANdy is the new  champ guess what I noticed someone was messing with the time limit clock I went to look at the clock then I turned around and Guess what They were whooping Andys ass.Andy was the new champ.I was the owner and I was thinking about coming back to wrestling.I made my debut when andy never put up the title I gave him a time  and if he did not make a title shot he will be stripped and I will be the new champ.I fought Ray where I lost.ANd now Ray is the champ.


Heavyweight belt

1)Roaddog Tony Costa 
2)Ba Raymond Gunn 
3)Tripple B

The belt was made in May 98 and Tony Costa was rewarded the belt where he faced Raymond which was a draw. It was given to Raymond when Tony Costa was named the owner/commissioner of are federation.Ray didnt want the belt so there was a battle royal which Albert won.   

Intercontinental Belt

4)Tony Costa
Geech was given the belt.Geech then lost it from Ray.Ray was named the commisioner so he gave it to Albert.Tony Costa had a big fight with Albert the first ever Garage fight.They fought four a long time it was the hardcorest fight ever throwing tables and chairs.I got frogsplashed by Albert he is 230 pounds.They then made a deal to switch belts and become a tag team. Tony Costa is he current champ.    

Tag Team Belts

1)Chris Biller and Raymond
2)Geech and Alfedo
3)Geech and Tony

Chris Biller and Ray were given the belts.They never fought so they were given to Geech and Alfedo.Alfredo had to retire so Ray was going to take his place just for one fight though.It was Tony n ALbert against Geech n Ray.
Are tag team matches is no tag format 2 out rule.They got out ALbert 1st then they had to double team Tony Costa.They were trying there best to make Tony tap.but they couldn't until Tony said Fuck it and he tapped.He proved to geech that he is a tag team champ so Geech picked Tony COsta.

European Belt

3)TOny costa

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